Triple Studio Microphone Pendant - Black

Add some Extra Bulbs!
Ceiling Canopy

Create a real studio vibe in your home with this exceptional item. 
Use it as a stylish solo pendant or go wild and create your own musical chandelier.

Tip: create your own pendant!
Choose the number of microphones and combine them with other microphone types.

Every lamp starts out as a real microphone and gets a personal make-over by myself.


  • Full-metal housing
  • Max 7W LED bulbs
  • Power cable provided via the XLR connector of the microphone
  • Microphone weight: 250g / 8,8oz
  • Microphone height: 16cm / 6,3"
  • Full length: 1m / 3,3ft
  • Product number: MMS.P3.B

All lamps are tested for safety and ready for use.


Manual             Declaration of Conformity