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In this pendants category, sets with multiple microphone lamps are available from the two best-selling models, the 'Retro Microphone Lamp' and the 'Shure SM58 Lamp'. These pendant sets are perfect for decorating a large room in your house, your mancave or a bar, cafe or restaurant.
While decorating one of these spaces you want to take the room from ordinary to  extraordinary - a room that has something special that you won't find anywhere else. Simply adding one of these sets can give your room that special effect you are looking for. You can add a modern or a classic touch to the room you are designing with these multiple pendant lighting sets.

Decorating your bar or restaurant
These sets with multiple hanging lamps are perfect for a natural gathering place that encourages a social atmosphere like a bar or a restaurant that wants to reflect the past. You will make your customers feel right at home while having a meal or a drink under the light of these unique pendants. These hanging lamps sets are perfect for creating a special mood to attract the right customers for your business!

All lamps on my website are tested for safety and match the official EU declaration of conformity. I offer worldwide shipping so it is possible to order my products from anywhere in the world. For any questions about the microphone lamps don’t hesitate to contact me! I will reply within 1 day to all the messages I recieve.