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On Air Edition

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Inspired by the studio's I present you with proud, my very own 'On Air Edition' !

My own designed unique line with cool microphone lamps that contain a red bulb which every music artist recognizes from the recording studio. The general interpretation of the red color bulb is that when it is lit, the artist is recording and it is not allowed to enter the studio.

The creation of a ‘different’ line
When I created the ‘on air edition’ line I wanted to make something that stands out from the rest of my lamps. Even though these unique microphone lamps already stand out from the normal lamps in the stores I wanted to create this line to really reach the people that want to create more than a unique atmosphere. An atmosphere you can’t really describe. Is it vintage? Is it retro? is it modern? Is it classic? Well you have to figure that out for yourself. All I can promise you is that with these lamps you can create your own style decoration in your house, restaurant or bar that is contemporary and also distinctive.

How to choose the right lamp?
These lamps are available in all models from the above categories, so also as a desk lamp and as a hanging lamp. When selecting a lamp from this category in order to give a room or multiple rooms a more distinctive feel, there are a few things to think about. Does a modern style microphone matches your furniture and inhouse colors or do you prefer a vintage hanging lamp with a red bulb? In my opinion, the studio microphone lamp can be used in a modern styled house as well in a house with a classic decoration. The appearance of the lamp makes it suitable for both styles.

The microphone lamps in this category are black and the bulb is red to create that special color effect of the music studio lamp. With these on air microphone lamps you create that unique cozy feeling in your living room or bedroom.

All lamps on my website are tested for safety and match the official EU declaration of conformity. Worldwide shipping is of course possible and if you have any questions about my products please feel free to contact me and I will answer your question within 24 hours!