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The microphone lamps in this pendant lighting category are high-quality design hanging lamps. They are all handmade and assembled by myself from the first till the last part, just like all the lamps in my online shop. They can be used as hanging lamps for the bedroom but are also ideal as restaurant decoration, in cafes, bars and any place that wants to stand out. The appearance that can be created with these pendant lights differs so much from the mainstream products that they can be described as extremely unique. 

Lamps for every room
This category also has different types of microphone lamps, each with its own story and each with its own great look. The wooden pendant light is available in black and silver. This pendant is assembled from scratch by hand which makes it truly beautiful and unique. Even the oak handle was crafted by a talented young woodturner. The classic hanging retro microphone lamp is one of our bestsellers. With this iconic microphone as a lamp you get a part of the rich music history in your bar, cafe, house, mancave or music studio. This is mainly due to the vintage appearance that this product brings. The rosé golden variant is one of the most stylish products available in my webshop. Create your own Hard Rock Café!

There are also pendants available from the 'on air edition' line. The three types of microphone lamps are the retro microphone lamp, the Shure SM58, and the studio microphone lamp. The characteristic red color of the bulb from these pendants create a rusty retro atmosphere in every room.

These lamps fit perfectly in a modern interior but are also very suitable to add to a retro, vintage or rural interior. While ordering you can choose from three standard cable lengths on the product page of the pendant. The choices are 1 meter, 2.5 meter or 5 meter. It is also possible to choose the color of the canopy yourself, these are available in black and silver or rose gold for the rose golden variant. I added this option because not everyone has the same ceiling color or interior, so you can select the canopy in the color that best matches your bedroom, kitchen or living room!

All lamps on my website are tested for safety and match the official EU declaration of conformity. I offer worldwide shipping on all my lamps so you can order them from anywhere in the world!  If you have any question about my products please feel free to contact me and I will answer your question within 24 hours.