Triple SM58 Pendant

Add some Extra Bulbs!
Ceiling Canopy

First used in 1966, the Shure SM58 microphone has become the standard for live music. That's why it simply had to be part of this collection.
Let your ceiling shine and everyone will be dazzled by your unique interior.

Tip: create your own pendant!
Choose the number of microphones and combine with other microphone types.

Every lamp starts out as a real microphone and gets a personal make-over by myself.


  • Full metal housing
  • Max 7W LED bulbs
  • Power cable provided via the XLR connector of the microphone
  • Microphone weight: 250g / 8,8oz
  • Microphone height: 17cm / 6,7"
  • Full length: 1m / 3,3ft
  • Product number: MM58.P3

All lamps are tested for safety and ready for use.


Manual             Declaration of Conformity