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Microphones have been around since 1876, when the first one was invented by Alexander Graham Bell. A few years later, Thomas Alva Edison came up with the first traditional lamp as we know it today. And now these two great inventions are available combined in one unique product. The microphone desk lamps are a great decorative creation to make the interior of your home stand out and to distinguish it from contemporary standard furniture and other decorative objects. No mass production lamps but quality handmade design lamps that make your room look extremely cool!

The different style of microphone lamps
The most popular lamp in this category is the 'Retro Microphone Lamp'. This iconic microphone is familiar to most people from movies from the 60s and 70s and comes to mind when one thinks of artists like Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra. With this design lamp on your table you will create a genuine vintage look in your own home. The microphone has a complete full metal housing. You can choose which bulb you want, a LED bulb or a halogen bulb. It is also possible to order more bulbs! Simply select the number or extra bulbs you want during the ordering process. The lamp is available in silver, the beautiful and distinctive rosé golden color and the special 'On Air Edition', which has a red bulb.

The sturdy and stylish 'Studio Microphone Desk Lamp' is also recognizable. These microphones have a professional appearance and are specially made for recording a voice or the sound of an instrument in detail. The studio microphone desk lamps are available in four beautiful colors; black, lagoon blue, flamingo pink and the black on air edition with red bulb. 

The last model from this category is the 'Shure SM58 desk lamp'This is perhaps the most famous model worldwide when we talk about microphones. Although this microphone seems connected to the present, it has been used since 1966 so it has a long history of its own. Thanks to its worldwide fame, the Shure SM58 is indispensable in this collection of microphone lamps. Besides the ‘standard’ version, it is also available in a wooden finish. This wooden microphone desk lamp is made from oak by a young woodturner and available in the colors silver and black.

Shipping worldwide
The desk lamps in this category are available in these three editions and all come with a standard so that you can place the lamp directly on your desk, bedside table or on the dining table. Are you from another continent? No problem! When you place the order you can choose which plug you need so you can plug in the lamp immediately, anywhere in the world! 
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